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While Florida has not really been an epicenter of the pandemic, the state has also seen an uptick in COVID-19 cases recently. With the seemingly unstable nature of current events, some have been concerned that this is a bad time to sell a real estate property. However, across the United States, many people have successfully sold their homes. We’d like to point out a few things that have made this possible.

One very beneficial thing is the use of virtual tours – a potential buyer can view the entire property without leaving their couch. Especially during this pandemic, this has been a preferred initial method by many home buyers. If nothing else, the pandemic has given realtors added reason to adopt new methods and technologies.

Additionally, some of the first businesses and services allowed to resume after restrictions have been lifted are related to real estate. The reason for this is simple – selling a home means initiating several related services, which benefits the economy overall.

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