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Due to the pandemic we’re all experiencing, many people have started to include disinfecting and sanitizing in their everyday routine. While it’s true that organizations like the CDC have revised their published information about how the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 behaves on surfaces, they continue to recommend a routine of disinfecting.

That underscores the fact that it’s important to have a routine of disinfecting your home to protect the health of you and your family. This is especially important when it comes to common touchpoints in your home like doors, handles, surfaces, electronics, and appliances.

There are many commercial disinfectant products available that can kill most viruses and bacteria, but if for some reason these are not an option, the CDC also recommends a simple bleach solution (5tbsp bleach/1 gal water) to serve as an adequate disinfectant solution. Naturally, if this is the option you choose, it would be good to consider how bleach may affect the object you’re disinfecting.

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