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We will often get asked this question (or a variation of it). People want to know what the most important part of an inspection is. Well, the answer is a bit more simple than you might think. It isn’t your foundation or your roof. It isn’t even your electrical system or your HVAC system. Its YOU. You are the most important part of YOUR home inspection. Why do we say that?

Everything can be fixed – that is often what you will hear a home inspector say. But can YOU fix it? Do you have the money needed? Do you have the skills or resources to make that repair on your own? So that takes a whole new set of variables into the equation. A $5,000 roof repair may not be a problem for one buyer, but may be devastating to another.

Buying a perfect home just won’t happen – because there is no such thing as a perfect home. Instead, YOU are the most important variable. So look for a home with defects that YOU can handle. You may be able to replace a water heater and do some basic repairs, but another person may not be able to – but maybe they are willing to take on that roof job that you weren’t.

Instead of worrying too much about finding a home with “no issues”, find out which issues you can handle and what amount of funds you can put toward them. That way it will make the entire buying process easier for you.

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